Avant Cap gets a 100% digital personal shopper

Published on January 20, 2021%

For its client AXA ,SCC is innovating and shaking up the codes of traditional shopping by joining forces with Veertus to install their digital personal shopper service in the Avant Cap shopping centre.

Veertus, a 100% digital and free personal assistant, a new ally for easy shopping!
How does Veertus work?

  1. The visitor enters the “scan cabin” which will determine his morphology.
  2. The visitor creates his profile on the web app and indicates his tastes and style preferences.
  3. The visitor receives a personalised recommendation on their smartphone of products that correspond to their style and are available in the Centre's shops.
  4. The visitor goes directly to the shop to find his or her shopping selection!

At a time when retail is at a turning point in its history and the need for a shopping experience is paramount, this new service:

  •  Reinvents the visitor journey with a premium service..
  •  Brings a qualified clientele for the partner brands..
  •  Provides a response to the health measures linked to COVID-19 and preventive gestures.