We create the destinations of tomorrow


Shopping Center Company has developed 44 shopping centers that are among the largest and most successful in Europe, welcoming more than 420 million visitors per year. In 2020, the Group adopted a new signature: “Much More Than Retail”. “Much More Than Retail” is about offering a new generation of destinations: living spaces, mixed-use areas, places for exchanges, meetings and experiences, with high visitor flow. A genuine centre of attraction, providing real addedvalue for visitors and ensuring high visibility for retailers.

The value of innovation is measured by its impact on usage. SCC is constantly anticipating visitor expectations in order to transform today’s places and imagine tomorrow’s destinations.

Our DNA is that of a private and family-owned group, independent since its creation, which continues the pioneering spirit of its founder who developed the concept of large shopping centres in Europe. We are convinced that the destinies of lessors and operators are intimately linked and it is this vision that drives each of our employees. Our expertise, combined with the integration of the various businesses required for successful implementation, has enabled us to develop in 8 countries with over 700 employees.

We act as private entrepreneurs, with family values and a long-term strategic vision. We advocate innovation to maintain links with areas of influence and to create the destinations of tomorrow, in line with consumer aspirations. We work with our partners’ properties as we work with the Group’s properties, with the same beliefs, values and passion.

We manage and develop major sites on our own behalf (via our real estate company LSGI) and on behalf of third parties. We understand the issues and difficulties that our investor clients may encounter.
Our agile organisation and our size allow us to be reactive enough to adapt to the issues of the moment, to constantly evolve our business by providing tailored expertise in a constantly changing economic and social context.

Our key figures

The SCC Group is present in Europe and the Middle East



35 Shopping Centres
670 000 m² GLA


2 Shopping Centres
48 500 m² GLA


1 Shopping Centre
65 000 m² GLA


24 Shopping Centres
900 000 m² GLA


5 Shopping Centres
140 000 m² GLA

Middle East

Middle East

10 Shopping Centres
450 000 m² GLA

Our achievements for over the last half-century


European subsidiaries

Filiales au Moyen-Orient et au Maroc


More than 700


commercial properties under management


2,900,000 m²
Under management


Surface area created
4 500 000 m² GLA


Annual visitors
420 Millions


Developed centres


25 000


200 000 m²

Next Destinations, beyond retail

As society changes, so does retail property! More than half a century after democratising the concept of the shopping centre in Europe, SCC is introducing the Next Destinations, a new generation of places: living spaces, mixed-use places with high visitor flows where the shopping dimension is mixed with exchanges, encounters and experiences.

These centres of attraction offer strong and varied content and represent a high value-added offer for consumers in addition to exceptional visibility for retailers. Rethinking existing sites or inventing new ones as genuine destinations combining food, shopping, leisure and culture. The obligatory visit then becomes a moment of choice, favourable to personal and collective fulfilment.

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