SCC launches SCC BLUE a CSR management tool

Published on February 23, 2021%

“Blue is the new green” could be the motto of SCC Blue, the new CSR management system integrated into our management business, to control the environmental footprint of managed portfolios.
A package built and thought out with the support of our partner BOPRO.

A symbol of assurance, benevolence & expertise, blue represents our most precious resources; water, sky, energy and it is also the colour of wisdom & the future.

This pack is designed to support and help our clients and our teams to control the environmental footprint of their asset portfolios. The benefits are numerous, ranging from optimising operating budgets, deploying a responsible purchasing policy or obtaining at least the “BREEM In-Use” certification level.

But also a controlled environmental impact via a dynamic and controlled management, a control of risks by asset, a structured CSR reporting and finally the improvement of the GRESB score of our clients.

Through 4 key steps:

  • Setting objectives
  • Building an action plan
  • Measuring performance
  • Sharing best practices

SCC teams are supported and trained with our tools to meet tomorrow's objectives.

The deployment of the SCC BLUE pack allows us to be better prepared to meet future regulatory obligations relating to environmental protection and to meet customer expectations.

As a manager, SCC is the first to offer a tool of this type, which is flexible, operational and directly linked to the field.