Visio&Shop a new way of shopping

Published on February 19, 2021%

In response to the health crisis, the SCC set up a new service on 5 November 2020, allowing visitors to make their purchases by video, directly online with their retailers.

The principle is simple: the customer logs on to the shopping centre's website and makes an appointment with the shop or shops of their choice. On the day, at the agreed time, the sales assistant contacts them by phone. The customer can thus benefit from the sales assistant's personalised advice as if he or she were in the shop with him or her and can shop with complete peace of mind. The customer then collects their purchases by click & collect.

Visio & Shop has been deployed in 26 centres in France, Spain, Italy and Belgium. The service has become increasingly popular, with more than 162 participating shops and appointments being made as early as the second day of implementation!

The SCC wants to be ever closer to its retailers and visitors and is offering an alternative way of shopping for its customers, support for its retailers and solutions for continuing the business by promoting human relations, in complete safety.

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