Covid-19 - “Safeguard” label awarded

Published on July 29, 2020%

The SCC Group is pleased to announce that 6 of its client LSGI's flagship centres have been awarded the “Safeguard” label by Bureau Veritas. This label describes the health and hygiene measures taken on site and is intended to provide reassurance to both employees and visitors to its centres.

The LSGI France and Belgium shopping centres have been awarded the “Safeguard” label by Bureau Veritas!
The aim of the label is to provide adequate hygiene and sanitary conditions in all living and working areas, post-confinement: effective training of teams, adapted and transparently implemented protection and hygiene measures.

For the SCC, the aim is to have their approach and the measures they have put in place certified as soon as the centres reopen, to protect their visitors, employees and service providers and to facilitate the resumption of activity in favour of the health and safety of everyone.

The six shopping centres awarded the label to date are:

  • Evry 2, Evry, France
  • Saint Genis 2, Saint Genis Laval, France
  • La Feuilleraie, Trélissac, France
  • Cora Cormontreuil (Reims), France
  • Ville 2, Charleroi, Belgium
  • M2, Maasmechelen, Belgium

Each centre was audited by Bureau Veritas teams on several dozen specific points such as:

  • Management's commitment to preventing the risk of contamination
  • Applying reinforced hygiene rules: cleaning, disinfection
  • Complying with social distancing instructions within the teams and with customers
  • Applying preventive gestures within the teams and with the public
  • Actions to be taken in the event of suspected contamination
  • Managing payments
  • Monitoring by management

The label is valid for 6 months. Each centre has a flash code that can be consulted by all, displayed in the centre. This label is an exclusive approach for a pleasant shopping experience!