Evry 2, a concentrate of culture with the Micro-Folie!

Published on September 1, 2020%

Evry 2 and the city of Evry-Courcouronnes have proposed a truly original cultural and digital project, La Micro-Folie, which ran until the end of September. Micro-Folie is based around a digital museum bringing together several thousand masterpieces from numerous national and international museums and institutions. On your own or with a guide, the Digital Museum is particularly well suited to artistic and cultural education programmes.

In addition to thousands of high-quality digitised works, the Micro-Folie offers a virtual reality space, a Fablab, shows and concerts and more. It’s a real concentrate of culture accessible to all.

The Evry-Courcouronnes Micro-Folie is made up of 4 spaces:

  • The Digital Museum/Scenic Space: consisting of a large screen and about fifteen tablets, this will bring together several hundred masterpieces from many national institutions (Centre Pompidou, Château de Versailles, Philharmonie de Paris, the museums in the Hauts de France, European residences, and more) to be discovered in digital form. It is a genuine virtual art gallery offering a unique cultural experience. On certain days, the digital museum is transformed into a stage space for amateur groups and conferences.
  • The Fab-Lab: Equipped with a 3D machine, a digital embroidery machine and a vinyl cutter, this space is aimed at all those who wish to develop their creativity, whether they are designers, artists, students or DIY enthusiasts. It is possible to set up numerous workshops, whether it is for training, introductory sessions or plastic-arts workshops.
  • The lounge space: armchairs, books, board games. This meeting space is designed to be fun and friendly, with a special place for children and families. In this fun and friendly space, numerous activities are accessible to all: a coffee area, a reading room, a games library, free access workshops, etc.
  • The Virtual Reality space: A terminal is permanently present with the possibility of discovering numerous films made by the ARTE channel. Associations, students and all those with expertise in this field also have the opportunity to present their films on some fifteen independent VR headsets. A Virtual Reality space offering a selection of 360° immersive content: documentaries, shows, and much more

Visitors are able to take part in artistic, digital (3D printer, digital embroidery, virtual reality film, etc.) and photographic workshops, conferences (history of art, evolution of video games, etc.), visits to digital museums, exhibitions, concerts (small format, amateur) and training courses. All of this will encourage encounters, exchanges and sharing, and will be entirely open to all!
Accessible to all audiences. Associations, schools, municipal structures, etc. were able to participate in the activities of the Micro-Folie.


The Micro-Folie project was set up by the president of the Etablissement public du parc et de la Grande Halle de la Villette and encouraged as part of the “Culture près de chez vous” (“Culture close to you”) plan in 2018 by Françoise Nyssen, former Minister of Culture.

Initially, the objective of a Micro-Folie is to bring culture closer to the inhabitants who do not necessarily have access to it via a digital museum but also to create a link between culture and the world of digital and new technologies.