SCC is launching Momento, its predictive solution for shopping centre flows

Published on July 19, 2021%

SCC is innovating with the creation of Momento, an in-house predictive analysis tool that allows, thanks to artificial intelligence, the visualisation, over the following 15 days, of the physical and digital flows for its shopping centres.

Developed by the Group and deployed since May 2020 in its French and Belgian shopping centres (Evry 2, Saint Genis 2, La Feuilleraie, Ville 2 and M2), Momento provides a quick and accurate view of the centre's key data, in real time.

Momento is a decision support tool that allows us to define specific objectives and make a predictive analysis of the flows over the upcoming 15 days. This solution enables SCC staff to anticipate traffic trends and act accordingly to achieve the centre's objectives. This solution has been deployed for the centre management, the asset management, the leasing, the property management and the SCC management, which ensure a daily follow-up of the actions carried out and of the results.

Momento makes it possible to trigger communication or marketing operations in the centres according to traffic forecasts to support and achieve traffic objectives. Thanks to Momento, centres can better measure the impact and use of their marketing and communication budgets.

This tool, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning (learning from historical data), aggregates and uses, among other things, traditional data such as centre counts, weather data, school holiday calendars, data from digital devices such as website traffic, social networks, etc.
The correlations between these different sources of data allowed the SCC teams to develop a 15-day predictive algorithm of the flows in a centre. Each day that passes enriches the system and improves the accuracy of the predictions.

“With Momento, the SCC is entering a new era in the management of its visitor flows thanks to the use of artifical intelligence. Thanks to this analysis and steering tool, our centre managers can access key information for managing the centre and adapt their strategies in real time. This tool, developed entirely by SCC's internal teams, once again demonstrates the innovative capacity and pioneering spirit of our Group.” says Régis Migdal, Chairman of the Management Board.

With Momento, SCC is once again reinventing the way it does business.