In response to the health crisis, the SCC has a new tool to ensure the safety of visitors to its shopping centres.

Published on May 11, 2020%

In the current international health context linked to COVID-19, SCC is innovating for the reopening of its centres with the creation and implementation of an innovative visit reservation system, to guarantee its visitors optimal safety and a shopping experience that gives them peace of mind.

In the face of the health crisis, SCC is equipping itself with a new tool to guarantee the safety of visitors to its shopping centres.
Thanks to this flow management solution, SCC aims to allow the return of its visitors to its centres while respecting safety standards and current legislation by anticipating and managing flows. This unique interface was created specifically for the SCC. This simple and practical reservation system helps avoid long queues, evens out the flow of people and ensures the safety and well-being of customers, and thus guarantees the safety and well-being of its customers, so that they can enjoy a smooth, pleasant and safe shopping experience.
This tool offers a simple reservation path for visitors as well as optimal flow management for centre management:

  •  Visitors fill in a registration form available online on the website of each of the centres concerned. Once the form is filled in and validated, a QR code is generated for the visitor.
  • At the entrance to the centres, security agents scan the QR codes to verify the visitor's correct registration on the day and at the time chosen.
  •  A flow management interface (reservation space), accessible on the shopping centres' website, allows customers to choose a visit schedule (day and time). Thanks to this information, the security agents and the management of the centre can adapt, in real time, the available crews in order to regulate and ensure the security of all in an optimal and regulated way.

Moreover, still in an approach designed for optimal health and safety, each centre has put in place special measures, namely:

  • Analysing the number of entries by the public for a better management of flows supervised by security agents.
  • Creating a traffic system (entry/exit) that allows pedestrian/visitor flows to cross and allows social distancing to be respected.
  • Floor markings to enforce social distancing.
  • Closure of so-called “stagnant” spaces such as playgrounds, benches, etc.,
  • Points for the sale of masks for visitors who do not have one; wearing masks is strongly recommended.
  • Hydroalcoholic gel distributors in all centres and at the entrances of each retail outlet.
  • Very regular disinfection of the centres' strategic points
  • Posting of preventive gestures and maximum allowed customers at the entrances to centres and shops.
  • Removal of air conditioning.
  • The wearing of masks is mandatory for all staff in the centres.
  • A dedicated security team, responsible for enforcing social distancing measures, organising queues along the shop windows, ensuring strict compliance with preventive gestures.