Live Video Shopping, the new customer rendezvous!

Published on February 19, 2021%

After Visio&Shop, the SCC is going even further and setting up this new service.

Each of the retailers in our centres who wish to do so can now create their own events, offering live meetings in order to share their products, selections, new products and current offers with as many people as possible!

Whether it's via Zoom, Instagram, Facebook or even YouTube, retailers can create a different kind of link with their customers by immersing them directly in their world and interacting with them in real time! What's more, they can capitalise on real ambassadors, who will exchange and give their opinion with others! The community aspect thus takes on its full meaning.

As far as the act of selling is concerned, it is up to the brand to choose! But it can either sell live or contact the buyer once the live session is over via Visio&Shop. The possibilities are numerous!

Live Video Shopping is a contactless, instantaneous and community-based sales channel.