SCC City

SCC City is dedicated to guiding and supporting city centre operators in the development of their assets. A genuine advisor, partner and representative of lessors and investors in technical management, SCC City is able to define, implement and monitor projects for a wide range of city centre assets.

SCC City, operating with local authorities and investors to make the city centre a genuine destination of choice.

Our teams work on several types of assets:

  • ERP 5 to ERP 1,
  • Units and co-ownerships,
  • Commercial properties from 80m2 to 6,000m2
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • City centre: commercial premises
  • Paris –; Province

Each assignment is led and monitored by an SCC City Project Manager, who is the client's main point of contact. They are supported by the “SCC City Coach”, who is responsible for the operational implementation of the city centre project. Depending on the nature of the assignment and the issues encountered (marketing & innovation, sales, Delegated Product Owner), the SCC City team relies on the SCC teams and on an extensive network of partners (carrying out studies, street furniture, events).

SCC expertise

A global expertise

We add value to real estate assets by advising and accompanying on:

  • Property management:management, optimization and steering of operating expenses for commercial assets for a sustainable and virtuous asset base.
  • Rental management: invoicing, rent collection, relations with tenants and compliance with contractual commitments.

We manage all technical and regulatory issues such as annual visits and technical support during due diligence, appraisal meetings, etc.; and produce a summary visit report allowing the asset manager to identify the problems of his asset in order to make informed decisions.

We propose multi-year work plans over 5 years and carry out the said work on behalf of the lessors: €800,000 in 2018, €1,500,000 in 2019.

We take charge of the delegated project management of our assets under management: €500,000 in 2018, €2,200,000 in 2019.